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Nov 13 2017

The Extra 1% For Your Health & Performance

Why Preventative Medicine Hones Long-Term Success; At a Level Above The Rest

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The “extra 1%” is a term used in high-level sport to separate the winners from the losers. While each competitor may be highly capable, talented and hard-working; an extra “1%” – be it a comfortable mattress or the perfect football boots – makes a winner.

We live in a world of reactive medicine

They say the UHNWI and their families; often those working in sport, entertainment and business; are the strong forces behind an individual’s success. But what happens when the support network begins to crumble? Unfortunately, health issues can hit anyone with or without a seemingly obvious warning. As with anything, reducing and minimising the risk of any disruption to success and happiness is vital – particularly when it comes to the health of family.

Modern medicine is still reactive rather than proactive. Fall ill, then seek medical help and treatment. This model is excessively expensive, and can be fatal to long term health. Once diagnosed with a chronic condition it takes huge toll on an individual’s and family’s life; often taking miracles to cure and treat. Prevention is always better than cure.

Ever since 1996 in the U.S., concierge medicine has taken off and is now a hot topic globally. While it began with one doctor offering around the clock, fast and responsive medical services to celebrities and senior executives, it has made its way across the Atlantic.

Standard care is not enough

At its core, health systems and practitioners are not geared to offer a fully personalised service. Each body is different, and so has different susceptibilities to different diseases based on lifestyle factors, genetics, family and personal medical history. But who has time to take care of their families to this level, and keep up to date with modern medical innovations? Certainly not the sports stars or business leaders of the world – but unfortunately not even most doctors who are burdened with paperwork, restrictions and patient load. Typical private medical practices benefit financially the more you are ill, so have no incentive to take a preventative approach.

Concierge Medicine (or “Retainer Medicine”) offers high quality, personalised and attentive health management in exchange for an annual retainer fee. The patient list is restricted and doctors are rigorously trained on preventative medicine; hence service is attentive. Your personal team of doctors and health experts are working around the clock to ensure you live and perform at your best.

This is key for those in positions of power and authority; as well as their families. By nature, these families and individuals face tremendous stress levels and pressure, so an all round, holistic service is essential. For children, it starts at the beginning. The children of high net worth individuals are at an even greater risk and require attentive healthcare from day one.

What are the major health risks in the Western World?

Non communicable diseases (NCDs) are a global slow-motion disaster. They are at the forefront of global mortality – killing 40 million people a year. Year by year, the numbers are only getting higher. Thanks to new illnesses and concerns of increasing western risks of dementia, Alzheimer’s – the World Heath Organisation predicts chronic disease prevalence is expected to rise by 57% by 2020[1].  

There are steps that can be taken from a younger age to reduce the risks of these diseases at a later stage in life; but only a highly skilled, dedicated team of health experts and doctors can manage this. From even basic advice such as, spend 2 hours a week learning a new language to regular check-ups, there’s ways to protect your brain.

Preventable Lifestyle Risk Factors

An ageing population and changes in societal behaviour are contributing to a steady increase in common, preventable and costly long-term health problems. With urbanisation accelerating, cases of diseases such as diabetes, dementia and cancers among others are on the rise. Physical inactivity goes hand in hand with the ease of Uber and fast food – accessible within a heartbeat. While this may seem irrelevant to the families of highly active sportspeople or film stars, going from one extreme to the other can often be too easy following a highly successful career; or even for the wives and children who deal with stress in their own ways.

Concierge medicine is paving the future for these families, providing a bespoke level of care which manages every check-up and test required to keep their health in check by professionals; while fitting every health exam around an extremely busy schedule. An in-house fitness and nutrition unit could also make a world of a difference to these families; allowing them to have optimal health around their schedule in a discreet, private manner.

Why do families in the limelight require special care?

Families are certainly amongst the most vulnerable to health issues (both emotional and physical); but fear of their habits or substance abuse being disclosed prevent them from taking early action. Reputation is considered an integral element within their family’s life and must be taken into consideration with every step of their healthcare. They also need answers and need them fast.

A reliable concierge medical service can make all the difference. Everything is managed in a discreet, easy manner so that you can focus on your career and loved ones; while your family and focus on enjoying the moments. Don’t accept less than that extra 1%. Less than 1% of the world make it.



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