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Our team’s ethos is to support leaders in achieving excellence and positively impacting those around them. Whether you lead a sector or a family, run a company or dominate your industry; you are a leader upon whom countless people rely on daily. You bring joy, influence and purpose to the lives of many; but such a position comes with downfalls. You are more susceptible to a variety of ailments – particularly stemming from emotional well-being – and the consequences of a health crisis could be catastrophic for your family, your organisation, and your industry.

HealthClic Doctors vow to empower you to live the life you love. We recognise the relationship between a family doctor and the patient is monumental, so each HealthClic doctor looks after a maximum of 50 families. Patients wishing to register with HealthClic pay an annual membership fee, empowering our doctors the luxury of time to provide sufficient, proactive and focused attention to each family.

Our members benefit from latest, safest advancements in healthcare to ensure they live happy, fulfilling and successful lives. Benefiting from 7-day doctor home visits, tele-diagnosis and preventive health assessments, this unparalleled level of attention and care is only achieved by restricting the patient load to so few. We have built a brilliant team and network of the world’s finest clinicians to support each individual, family and organisation in performing at their very best. We truly believe there are no limitations to what you can achieve, when you are in good, peaceful health.

“Always impressed. I previously neglected this area of my life, but now my business partner and I don’t have to think twice. HealthClic are always on-hand; and our memberships are specially designed for us. These guys are the answer to a hectic lifestyle... It’s changed my energy and my life.”

Mr R Seger, CEO at Flux Lighters

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