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Concierge Medicine Membership With HealthClic

At HealthClic, your family is under the care of one of our esteemed, experienced and well-respected doctors. Our members are leaders upon whom many rely on, so the consequences of a health crisis could be catastrophic for family, an organisation or even an industry. This is where our area of expertise delivers, as we simply cannot afford to be reactive when it comes to the health of our patients. While our focus is preventative medicine, we also take on some of the most complex cases in the country, supported by global experts in our long-standing, doctor-led network.

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Concierge Medicine For Leaders

As one of only 50 families registered with your experienced and highly sought-after HealthClic Doctor, who becomes your personal health advocate; healthcare transforms. We recognise the relationship between a family doctor and patient is monumental, therefore our GPs dedicate their most precious asset to HealthClic patients: time. Patients wishing to register with HealthClic pay an annual membership fee, which covers all primary care services and appointments provided through our office. Members have direct access by phone and email to their HealthClic Doctor, personalised health assessments, same-day appointments, 24/7 medical advice, and 7-day doctor home visits with any swabs/tests. Our doctors maintain long-standing relationships with world-renowned specialists and hospitals to also ensure members have expedited access to leading medical experts. For peace of mind, if a HealthClic member patient is referred for surgery or to a specialist, their HealthClic Doctor can accompany them, help explain diagnoses, results and provide guidance. This unparalleled level of personalised healthcare is achieved only by restricting the patient list to so few.

A Focused Team

With a team of trained Healthcare Representatives, and an exclusive patient ratio of only 50 families to 1 doctor, your HealthClic Doctor can focus on providing you the best possible care around the clock without distractions; something no ordinary doctor’s office can compete with. All HealthClic Doctors maintain affiliation with the NHS (ensuring they see patients with complex, chronic cases), and HealthClic has long-standing ties with renowned specialists and medical institutions both in London and abroad. As a result, our doctors possess the capability to work with the world’s leading specialists and medical institutions to take a global view of your health, and ensure no stone is left unturned when dealing with a medical problem. HealthClic is purposefully set up in this way so our talented doctors can offer the highest level of world-class care for you and your family. Nothing less.

Our Expertise

Our team is distinguished not only due to our doctors’ focus on preventive medicine, but due to their extensive skills in case managing extremely complex and rare medical problems, where occasionally even the UK private sector may not contribute. Through our clinical program, our doctors keeps up to date on professional training and carefully chosen educational topics in a variety of fields. This comprises of a focus on preventive healthcare but also on various treatments and new evidence presented by world-leading hospitals and clinicians; as HealthClic takes on a limited number of serious, complex cases every year; where we may bring together a global team of experts to review a patient’s treatment plan.

Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine

Awarded to our Medical Director Dr Chaturvedi by Concierge Medicine Today , who is named one of the world’s distinguished physician leaders in concierge medicine. “These are the doctors that patients, peers and other healthcare professionals nominate over a two year period and whom people want to recognize as the best in their field. CMT looks for physicians who have made a significant impact on patients, peers, their community, clinical research and personalized treatment, use innovative technology and more. Not every Physician nominated makes the list. This is not a sponsored position.”

FOR DOCTORS - Distinguished Physician Leader 2022-2024

"HealthClic go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their customer service. They have always been extremely responsive and helpful at all hours. An absolute lifesaver for me and my client. Thank you guys so so much! Keep up the great work!"

Ms J - Executive Assistant, Entertainment Industry

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