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We are behind leaders 365 days a year – no one understands their world like we do. Through our extensive experience with VIPs and concierge medicine setup, HealthClic doctors are the trusted health advocates for business leaders globally.

The Challenge Facing Corporations

Top business leaders transform industries and drive innovation worldwide. Sadly, it is top-performing C-Suite executives who often struggle to manage their health effectively, and therefore miss out on investigating chronic illnesses or finding time to properly investigate their symptoms – be it physical or those of work-related stress. Fitting in doctor visits or medical check-ups around busy schedules and frequently changing travel itineraries becomes near impossible. Those in your company who always need to be on their A-game, end up performing at only 50-60% of their potential, and are at high risk for premature onset of disease due to high levels of stress, demanding lifestyles and tight schedules.

Avoiding a health crisis for your C-Suite executives is undoubtedly urgent with catastrophic consequences – and we fully understand how hard this is for corporations to manage. As a concierge medicine service, our doctors have a much more exclusive patient list of 50 clients each – enabling them to work preventatively and provide a much higher level of attention.

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Corporate Healthcare

Our One-Stop Solution For C-Suite Executives

HealthClic doctors are the trusted health advocates for C-Suite executives and business leaders globally, providing them with concierge medicine 365 days a year. From private doctor home visits to executive health assessments, at-home testing, vaccinations, whole genome sequencing and access to medical advice 365 days a year – we take care of it all under one point of contact through an annual retainer fee, so that your business leaders can continue to perform at their A-game.

Each C-Suite executive has their own personal concierge doctor, directly accessible via phone or email, providing a one-stop solution for all medical needs. Whilst our concierge doctors focus primarily on preventative medicine to delay the onset of premature disease – when in need of more urgent services, HealthClic maintains long-standing relationships with world-renowned medical institutions and leading specialists globally, ensuring that your C-Suite executives get access to the best doctors, treatment and latest diagnostics; usually accessible only to VIPs.

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For Heads of Wellbeing, C-Suite Executives or Executive Assistants who are tired of a disjointed system and need a reliable healthcare partner; hassle-free executive memberships are on offer. Our concierge medicine Executive Memberships are designed for C-Suite executives, and through a simple annual retainer provide the following:
  • Executive Health Assessments (Full Body MOTs)
  • Direct Access To Personal Concierge Doctor
  • Same Day Home Visiting Doctor
  • At-Home Blood/Covid-19 Testing By Nurses
  • Access To World-Leading Medical Institutions & Specialists
  • Access to Medical Care & Advice 365 days a year
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Same Day Medication Delivery
Our corporate healthcare clients are high-performing financial firms, investment funds or firms operating in industries such as property, film or entertainment. Contact us now for a consultation to tackle your corporate healthcare challenges.
Healthcare for Business

“The HealthClic team are amazing. With a busy schedule and little time to focus on scheduling appointments, finding great doctors, and doing paperwork, the HealthClic team take care of everything. I just have to show up. Their service and attention to detail is outstanding. I don’t just consider them my lifeline for my health but I consider them my business partner because without them I could not focus on my work. I value the HealthClic team more than I could ever express in words. If you’re wondering whether to partner with HealthClic to take care of all your health needs, wonder no more, just do it!”

Catherine Schalk, CEO & Founder, Inkwazi Kommunications

From the moment I got in touch with Healthclic everything was so well organised and extremely professional, from answering all of my questions, to making the virtual GP bookings, the nurse visits and the results. I was so impressed and would not hesitate using HealthClic again. By far the best service I have used in a very long time.


Emily Oatley, Office Manager Nintendo UK

The efficiency, professionalism, coordinators management. Jayne has been fabulous.

Gemma Castle Finance Director Cult Wines Limited

Coronavirus Update:

If you are interested in private doctor consultations and COVID-19 testing packages to support your organisation during these unprecedented times, please email us on or fill out the corporate COVID-19 enquiry form found here.

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