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Priyanka Chaturvedi

Priyanka Chaturvedi

Managing Director

Daughter of doctors Priyanka Chaturvedi started HealthClic in 2015 with a drive to support leaders to continue to achieve excellence and positively impact those around them. Growing up with medics and with family values, she saw clearly see why quality of care was consistently sacrificed; there was no focus on prevention. Holding a degree in (BSc) Economics from University of Warwick, Priyanka attended the prestigious Cambridge Judge Business School. Her vision was to finally offer discreet concierge medicine to London clients; where the UK’s traditional private sector failed.

As the knowledge of preventive healthcare among UK practitioners is scarce, she ensures HealthClic Doctors are regularly trained on global evidence & advanced treatments. Providing patients with a 7-star service is Priyanka’s fundamental standard. Nothing less! Respected by both clients and their teams, Priyanka has a key interest in the unique medical challenges faced by world leaders, celebrities & executives, and coined the term ‘Trust Barrier’ for emotional wellbeing with Dr Chaturvedi.

"Medicine is personal, there is no one-size fits all. Hence, it is no surprise many leaders choose concierge doctors to look after themselves and their families"

Priyanka Chaturvedi, Managing Director

Dr Anuj Chaturvedi

Medical Director and Family GP

Dr Anuj Chaturvedi has been doctor for over 30 years, and is our Medical Director. Highly popular with his patients, he is focused on personalised medicine, and is also a Specialist GP Advisor to the Care Quality Commission. Dr Chaturvedi personally interviews each GP who joins HealthClic and strives for a team of HealthClic Doctors who are fit for “global standard”. He also carefully approves preventative health protocols for our members. Furthermore, he is a current GP Trainer and Appraiser, and is involved in the recruitment process for GPs with The London Deanery.

Dr Chaturvedi has spent many years working in the NHS at Partner Level, holding Membership with the Royal College of General Practitioners. Case Management and leading a team of specialists to treat and care for his patients is one of his major strengths. Through his extensive experience, Dr Chaturvedi advocates care suited to individuals’ genetics, family and lifestyle factors. His main specialties cover radiology, general surgery (with background in renal transplant) and preventive medicine along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

"Medicine is an art as well as a science; so together with patients we must take a holistic approach and look at many factors, in order to achieve the very best results"



Lead Healthcare representative

Adam Hussan has been a valuable member of the HealthClic team since launching in 2015. He is a reliable and trustworthy individual, and well-known with many members. He leads the Healthcare Representative team ensuring that referrals, admissions and tests happen discreetly, swiftly and smoothly for all patients. He makes the magic happen! Thanks to his extensive knowledge of London private healthcare, he adapts recommendations based on suitability for each unique patient.

Adam’s contributions to HealthClic have been highly noticeable particularly due to his impressive background of undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science at the University of Warwick. He takes a proactive approach in supporting patients and their teams. Currently in his second year of medical school at King’s College London, he is rotating between hospitals and GP practices. An intrinsic humanitarian nature is the epicentre of Adam’s characteristics, actively involving himself in ongoing charitable & mentoring programs, with an emphasis on health longevity. This is his true passion; which brings a wonderful addition to the HealthClic team’s ethos on preventive medicine.

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