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Private COVID-19 Testing & Virtual Consultations

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our private doctors are offering virtual consultations for a range of medical issues, including Coronavirus symptoms. We still provide same-day medication delivery as usual, and private COVID-19 tests in London are available to all patients and to businesses.


Test To Release Scheme

Reduce your quarantine period after international travel.

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Day 2 and 8 Travel Testing Package

Day 2 & 8 Travel Testing Package For International Arrivals

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COVID-19 PCR Testing London

This is a highly accurate test approved by Public Health England and has a specificity of 100%, with no cross-reactivity with other viruses.

HealthClic offers same day COVID-19 PCR swab testing in London to determine if you currently have the coronavirus. Results come within 24 hours.

This swab test can be done at home if you are self-isolating, and same day courier options are available to and from the lab to speed up your test result.

HealthClic’s doctors will provide you with relevant medical advice to accompany your test result and all coronavirus test results are shared with Public Health England & NHS Test & Trace.

COVID-19 Abbott Antibody Testing

This is an extremely accurate test approved by Public Health England, which has a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 99.6%.

HealthClic offers both the COVID-19 Abbott test and the Roche Diagnostics test for antibodies, to determine if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus in the past. It detects the IgG antibody to SARS-CoV 2.

The Abbott COVID-19 antibody test can be done by a medical professional, and the Roche test can be self-administered by patients in the comfort of your home.

HealthClic Doctors will provide you with relevant medical advice to accompany your test result.

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The efficiency, professionalism, coordinators management. Jayne has been fabulous.

Gemma Castle Finance Director Cult Wines Limited

Corporate COVID-19 Response Packages

We are helping our corporate clients in new ways during the Coronavirus pandemic to support their workers by:

  • Providing virtual consultations with our private GPs 7 days a week for any workers with symptoms or who are self-isolating (with any medical certificates issued as required). Workers of our corporate clients guaranteed to have a virtual consultation on priority on the same day.
  • Providing symptomatic treatment, same day medication delivery, and following up with patients to see how they respond to medication and if they improve.
  • Private COVID-19 testing packages for employees as appropriate, following consultation with the doctor. Both the PCR test and the Abbott test for antibodies are approved by Public Health England.
  • Independent advice to your corporation on which preventive measures to take within the workplace and new policies to implement. Email support available.
More about Covid-19 Services for Businesses

HealthClic offer Covid-19 packages for businesses comprising of Covid-19 testing, medical advisory services and back-to-work strategies. Even if you have a positive Covid-19 test result in your company, our team of doctors are here to work with you and create the safest, most appropriate back-to-work plan. Please click here to learn more about Covid-19 Services For Businesses.

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Coronavirus tests

COVID-19 Tests & Virtual Consultations 

  • All patients can book a same-day virtual (video) consultation with our private doctors for a range of medical issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The doctor will assess the patient’s situation, provide symptomatic treatment, and same-day medication delivery to London addresses is available.
  • The doctor will also provide advice on next steps, offer self-isolation advice if appropriate, and steps to take if symptoms change. Patients will be followed up, to see if symptoms are being relieved.
  • Private COVID-19 PCR testing is available on the same day, and home tests will be issued by either courier or post. Both the COVID-19 PCR test for the active virus and the COVID-19 antibody tests (approved by Public Health England) can be issued following a consultation by the doctor. Results shared with NHS Test & Trace and Public Health England.

Call us now on +44(0) 203 370 4034 to arrange your test and consultation.

Coronavirus PCR Test London

From the moment I got in touch with Healthclic everything was so well organised and extremely professional, from answering all of my questions, to making the virtual GP bookings, the nurse visits and the results. I was so impressed and would not hesitate using HealthClic again. By far the best service I have used in a very long time.  

Emily Oatley, Office Manager Nintendo UK

Coronavirus Test FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Testing for COVID-19

Q. Do you provide one-off Covid-19 testing for travellers?

At the moment we are unable to provide COVID-19 PCR tests for travellers unless it is for our existing members, or for our corporate clients. Members and existing clients can have a Covid-19 PCR test either at a home visit by a nurse or receive a self-testing kit. We do not currently provide any in-person or walk-in Covid-19 testing services to the public; Covid-19 testing for one-off purposes is not available to non-members at this stage.

Q. Is it important to test patients without symptoms for Covid-19?

It is considered important to test these patients for COVID-19, yes. Not only do you get a picture of the true extent of the virus, but this can also help us stop asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus without realising it. Each case is unique however; and in some situations it is vital to test those who are asymptomatic if they have come into contact with a COVID-19 case, or to ensure they have 2 negative COVID-19 PCR swab results before they re-engage with the community, return to work, or engage with vulnerable patients. Our doctors will guide our clients and members on this in further detail, and provide advice on the timing of doing the test along with self-isolation too, for each unique case.

Q. I don’t have a high fever, new continuous cough or loss of taste/smell, but I have some cold and/or flu symptoms. Is it possible that I have Covid-19 and should self-isolate, or do I continue as normal?

Yes, it is possible that you have COVID-19. Since March 2020, our doctors have advised hundreds of patients who have tested positive with no symptoms, the most mild symptoms all the way to the most severe symptoms requiring hospitalisation. Every patient is unique; your body is different to anyone else’s. Therefore, you may not respond to COVID-19 in the same way as someone else. Our doctors will provide the appropriate medical advice based on your symptoms, as even without the 3 main symptoms, you still may need to get tested and self-isolate.

Q. Who will have access to my test results?

All positive COVID-19 PCR test results must be shared with Public Health England. Private laboratories are now obliged to share your results along with contact details with NHS Test & Trace, if you have tested positive for COVID-19. There is further information about the NHS Test & Trace service here

Q. If I test negative for Covid-19 by PCR swab, can I stop self-isolating?

It really depends on your unique case; our doctors will be happy to discuss this further and provide the appropriate medical advice to you. You must always follow Public Health England guidelines, but in some cases to be safe, doctors will advise you to continue self-isolating especially if you have symptoms or have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19. There are limitations to testing; so it is really important to take medical advice from a doctor alongside your COVID-19 test, so he/she can advise you properly.


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