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Sep 25 2018

When Does The ‘Trust Barrier’ Start?

The One Major Psychological Challenge of the Ultra-Wealthy

The First In Our Series Of Articles For Concierge Medicine Today 

The team at HealthClic delve deep into this issue and discuss their experience and key take-aways for concierge doctors and patients. Covering the one main psychological challenge, and why concierge doctors are becoming the obvious choice for clients (home visits and on-call service aside).


It is a well-known fact that the wealthier you become, the more detached you may become from the world around you. We criticise the rich about this regularly, for being “out of touch” with reality. Going from private planes to chauffeur-driven cars, and being escorted to and from each meeting means that the ultra-wealthy spend a staggering amount of time with those who work for them, rather than those close to them.

It is from exactly this, that the feeling of isolation can develop into longer-term issues such as loneliness (often known as Loneliness at the Top), depression and anxiety.

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