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Jul 10 2023

Are There Concierge Doctors in the U.K.?

Concierge Doctors in London: Revolutionising Private Healthcare

Concierge Medicine: An Introduction

Access to personalised and comprehensive medical care is a top priority for international citizens seeking the highest quality medical care wherever they go. The concept of concierge medicine has grown in popularity in recent years because it offers patients a highly customised medical experience. Concierge medicine is well established in the US, but many are also exploring this approach to medicine in the UK; where London has become a major hub for a high-net-worth, international clientele. We examine the presence of concierge doctors in the UK and will explore its role in the evolving landscape of personalised medicine.

Understanding Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine, which is sometimes known as “boutique medicine” or “retainer medicine”, is an advanced, personalised healthcare model where patients pay an annual membership or retainer fee to access enhanced medical services and VIP access. Concierge practices are usually in primary care (family medicine, general practice, family medicine, etc.). Concierge physicians focus on providing highly personalised care, sometimes with 24/7 urgent access, with an emphasis on proactive health management, preventative care, and comprehensive health support.

The Presence of Concierge Doctors in London & UK

Concierge Medicine first originated in the US in 1996, but since 2015, Concierge Medicine has also emerged in the UK, offering a higher quality healthcare experience which is beyond not only the traditional National Health Service (NHS), but also the traditional UK private sector on Harley Street, London. The first concierge practice which opened in the UK was HealthClic, who began offering traditional, American-style concierge medicine services to London’s elite. UK-based concierge doctors may have own private medical practice and would cater to individuals seeking a much higher level of attention and personalised healthcare, and who are usually international citizens/patients, who travel frequently.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine
  1. Personalised Attention: Concierge doctors have significantly smaller patient lists, in order to devote more time and attention to each individual. This individualised approach fosters a strong doctor-patient relationship and enables a deeper understanding of the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and medical goals. At HealthClic, the patient-to-doctor ratio is 50 families to 1 doctor. This is one of the best ratios in the world amongst leading concierge medical practices.
  2. Comprehensive Health Support: Concierge doctors would act not only on immediate medical issues, but also have a focus on long-term wellness. They provide comprehensive support including lifestyle recommendations, nutritional guidance, exercise programs and stress management techniques to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being.
  3. Precision Medicine: Precision medicine is practised by concierge physicians, which is defined as an innovative, tailored medical approach that considers individual genetic, environmental and lifestyle differences to prevent and treat disease. Whole genome sequencing testing is something often offered by concierge doctors, as it can help them do just this, and allow them to work proactively on their patients’ health based on what their hereditary health risks and carrier statuses are.
  4. Expedited, Timely Access to Care: Concierge doctors prioritise rapid access to medical services for their patients by offering same-day appointments, in order to reduce wait times and ensure patients receive timely medical attention and need not wait. Some concierge medicine practices, such as HealthClic Concierge Doctors, offer 24/7 access to their patients along, with prompt virtual consultations. Concierge doctors have been ahead of the game in telediagnosis for a long time, and this sets practices such as HealthClic apart, where member patients have direct access to their Concierge Doctors and thus can benefit from prompt medical advice.
  5. Longer Appointment Times: Concierge doctors typically have longer appointment times compared to traditional private GP practices (and compared to the NHS). This allows the doctor time to thoroughly explore and discuss the patient’s medical issue, perform a thorough examination, and ensures adequate opportunities to discuss the patient’s concerns and questions.
  6. Coordination of Specialist Care: When you need specialist care, concierge doctors (who tailor to the UHNW market) often facilitate referrals to trusted specialists and coordinate seamless transitions between primary and specialty care, through their connections built over years. This ensures continuity of care and minimises delays in accessing medical services by specialists.
Considerations and Limitations for Concierge Medicine

It is important to note that concierge medicine in the UK does not replace the NHS, and it’s a private healthcare alternative. It is considered the highest calibre of private healthcare you can access. Patients who choose concierge doctors will have to pay membership or retainer fees rather than paying per appointment as with traditional private practices in Harley Street, which can vary depending on the services provided and the concierge practice you are registering with.

Additionally, while concierge doctors offer numerous benefits to patients, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with complex medical conditions requiring constant access to specialised care still need to rely on the NHS if they do not have private health insurance or do not self-pay for their healthcare.


Concierge Medicine has emerged in in the UK in the last few years, providing a highly personalised and proactive approach to medical care by experienced doctors. By offering highly individualised attention and timely access to care, concierge doctors are elevating the patient experience. In London, Concierge Medicine provides a clear choice for those seeking a more personalised healthcare journey with easy access to medical care, that is much above the usual, traditional Harley Street GP practices in the U.K.

As the demand for personalised medicine grows, and the international community in the U.K. continues to grow, concierge doctors are likely to continue playing a crucial role in the U.K.’s healthcare system, contributing to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. By bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and tailored medical services, concierge medicine is revolutionising the way individuals experience and engage with their healthcare providers.

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