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Jul 14 2023

HealthClic Concierge Medicine for Complex Medical Cases

Leading the Way in Concierge Medicine for Complex Cases in the U.K.

Introduction to Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine (which can be referred to as “retainer medicine”) is recognised by patients globally as the highest calibre of private healthcare. Patients pay an annual membership/retainer fee in exchange for a much smaller patient list, along with expedited access to medical care and advice. Some higher end practices with higher membership fees also offer direct access to your concierge doctor, along with 24/7 medical advice and expedited access to world-leading specialists and hospitals. In London, concierge doctor would be (by training) private GPs – or family doctors.

In this article we have a specific focus on how HealthClic uses their concierge medicine setup in order to help patients with complex medical cases or second opinions. HealthClic provides comprehensive care, including complex cases, and is transforming the landscape of personalised healthcare.

HealthClic: Leading the Way in Concierge Medicine

HealthClic is the first concierge medicine practice in London, founded in 2015. Their concierge doctors are highly experienced and are skilled in effectively helping patients with complex health conditions, going above and beyond the traditional private healthcare system in the UK.

A major benefit of registering with HealthClic is their doctors’ strength in leading complex medical cases, and the fact that HealthClic has a large international patient base. Their concierge doctors are required to maintain NHS affiliation, so that they are experienced in managing long-term patient cases with chronic conditions – which is not so easy to find if you work only in the private sector in the UK. GPs who work only in the private sector would not necessarily have these skills. HealthClic looks for private GPs who are true concierge doctors and can command the attention of leading medical expert; even leading teams of world-leading specialists for their patients.

As a result, HealthClic concierge doctors have the expertise to support patients across a variety of complex health cases, ensuring their patients receive comprehensive healthcare and can seek high quality Medical second opinions London. HealthClic concierge doctors have extensive experience in managing complex medical cases such as chronic conditions, end-of-life care cases and rare diseases. They work closely with patients and their specialists to create personalised treatment plans and to reach out to leading medical experts in order to explore second opinions around the world.

Benefits of HealthClic Concierge Doctors

  1. Personalised Medicine: HealthClic concierge doctors have an exclusive patient list (50 families to 1 doctor), enabling them to provide 24/7 access to medical advice to their member patients, and devoting a much higher level of attention to each patient. This personalised approach allows for a deeper understanding of the patient’s medical history, genetics and specific healthcare needs.
  2. Comprehensive and Proactive Care: HealthClic Doctors take a proactive approach to healthcare rather than reactive, with an emphasis on preventative medicine. Their concierge doctors provide comprehensive health assessments, regular screening, and personalised health plans, empowering patients to take control of their health – even providing them with a 6-lead EKG device so they can check their heart rhythms themselves, and send the report directly to their doctor!
  3. Expedited Access to Specialists: When a complex case requires specialised care, HealthClic concierge doctors have a robust network of specialists at their disposal, which has been bulit over decades of experience. They can swiftly arrange referrals, ensuring seamless coordination, and minimising delays in accessing the required expertise. HealthClic concierge doctors often bring together leading specialists from around the world to treat and care for their patients – particularly as certain treatments or care access may not be available in the UK. Therefore, the doctors go above and beyond to ensure no stone is unturned.
  4. Timely Appointments: HealthClic concierge doctors prioritise prompt, timely access to care. By offering same-day urgent appointments, HealthClic Doctors ensure that patients can seek medical advice as and when they need it. Furthermore, extended appointment times allow for thorough consultations, comprehensive examination, and plenty of opportunity for patients to discuss their health concerns.
  5. Tailored Health Support: HealthClic concierge doctors provide comprehensive wellness support, offering lifestyle recommendations and more to complement the medical care or treatment plan. One crucial way they do this is through whole genome sequencing testing – which gives them a comprehensive report of the patient’s hereditary risks of developing certain diseases, and their carrier status and genetic responses to certain medications. They consider the patient’s individual circumstances and goals to develop personalised plans that support long-term well-being.
  6. Home Visits & House Calls: Home visits are offered as standard to all HealthClic patients, as the need for a discreet experience to protect the confidentiality of patients is understood well by their doctors, but also that home visits allow patients to remain in a safe, familiar setting. Having a private GP visit your home used to be gold standard; and HealthClic patients may book home visits by their doctors 365 days a year as a a standard service.


HealthClic stands out as a leader in concierge medicine in London, offering an extremely personaliesd healthcare experience, including for complex cases. With their team of experienced concierge doctors, HealthClic aims to revolutionise the way patients experience medical care and how patients are guided through complex medical issues. By providing highly individualised attention, comprehensive treatment plans, and expedited access to world-leading specialists, HealthClic ensures that patients receive the highest calibre of healthcare.

As concierge medicine continues to gain traction in the U.K., HealthClic aims to provide exceptional healthcare for even those with unresolved or undiagnosed medical concerns, and supports patients with complex medical cases through concierge medicine. HealthClic commits to personalised attention, proactive care, and expertise in managing complex cases; becoming a prominent player in reshaping the landscape of personalised medicine.

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