Healthcare Case Management

Treating Persistent, Unresolved or Undiagnosed Issues

When looking towards Case Management, it could be that you have a medical issue that has persisted for some time; but is still unresolved or undiagnosed. Perhaps you are looking for a second opinion, or perhaps you are finally looking for a solution to treat a complex issue for which you have received conflicting medical opinions.

Complex Cases

Suitable for children and adults. HealthClic takes on a limited number of complex cases annually, to allow a high level of commitment and service. Especially when it comes to complex cases, we understand that there may be various routes the patient has already tried, so we start by reviewing your medical history, your medical records, and open communication.

Your assigned HealthClic Doctor will take time to understand your goals, and decide on the first steps to help uncover the problems you are facing and create a bespoke plan suited to your needs.

A Global View

When dealing with a complex case, it is reassuring to have one of our HealthClic Doctors overseeing your care.

With our trusted network of world-leading specialists and hospitals from across the globe, your doctor will liaise with and co-ordinate leading physicians in the appropriate specialties to review your case. This may involve undergoing a check-up; including various tests and consultations to commence the journey; which we will arrange discreetly according to your schedule.

An Expert-Led Plan

Once a team of physicians on your case is assigned, and your initial tests are completed, you can decide on the best route forwards. Following a detailed discussion with the clinical team and your HealthClic Doctor, any treatment, surgery or hospitalisation will be planned discreetly by us.

This may be an ongoing, long-term plan; or a treatment solution spanning across a few months. Each patient’s case is unique, and throughout the duration of your Case Management, we are here to support you 7 days a week as with our members.

“The HealthClic team are amazing. With a busy schedule and little time to focus on scheduling appointments, finding great doctors, and doing paperwork, the HealthClic team take care of everything. I just have to show up. Their service and attention to detail is outstanding. I don’t just consider them my lifeline for my health but I consider them my business partner because without them I could not focus on my work. I value the HealthClic team more than I could ever express in words. If you’re wondering whether to partner with HealthClic to take care of all your health needs, wonder no more, just do it!”

Catherine Schalk, CEO & Founder, Inkwazi Kommunications

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