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About Us

Welcome to Concierge Medicine

HealthClic was created to empower you to live the life you love. We believe in simplicity; and treat our members like family.

Our Philosophy

Over his 30 years of clinical experience, our Medical Director Dr Anuj Chaturvedi noted that the most important factor for his patients was knowing that their doctor can go above and beyond. He has always felt that doctors must work proactively and focus on preventive medicine, while providing a high level of service. All of our expert GPs have been personally vetted and selected by the Medical Director; at strict criteria above the industry standard.

Having taken inspiration from an age where house calls were the norm, our team decided to upgrade this concept into the modern day era in London. Combined with the five-star service experienced by the world’s elite, HealthClic aims to provide a unique, personal, and preventive healthcare experience through a concierge medicine. We co-ordinate everything so you don’t have to worry. What ever your needs, feel rest assured that we will guide you to the very best care in the country, with priority access.

"A 'total care platform'. Concierge Medicine is the Rolls Royce model of medical care"

Forbes, 2013

A Focus on Care

We have very carefully selected the most dedicated and skilled GPs with a genuine enthusiasm for patient care across their multiple specialities. We also ensure where possible that you will see the same doctor to promote continuity of care and build a trusting relationship with your GP.

HealthClic has been founded with a desire to keep our GPs at the core of the business. Our approach provides General Practitioners with the involvement, independence and trust, which we believe is the key to ensuring the very best results for our clients.

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